Personal Data Notice

Personal Data Notice
(This Notice concerns specifically the processing of personal data collected through the website
The Loan and Credit Claim Management Société Anonyme under Article 1(1[a]) of Law 4354/2015, with the corporate name “Eurobank FPS Loan and Credit Claim Management SA”, would like to inform visitors / users of this website (hereinafter the Website) that their personal data will be processed in accordance with the rules below, as well as the relevant provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the applicable Greek legislation on personal data protection.

Data Controller

The data controller is the The Loan and Credit Claim Management Société Anonyme under Article 1(1[a]) of Law 4354/2015, with the corporate name “Eurobank FPS Loan and Credit Claim Management SA”, trading under “Eurobank Financial Planning Services” (hereinafter Eurobank FPS), 27 Kyprou & Archimidous Streets, 18346 Moschato, Greece, General Commercial Registry No 121602601000, Tel. +30 210 4847500.

Data Protection Officer

You may contact the Data Protection Officer for any matter regarding the processing of your personal data, in writing at 27 Kyprou & Archimidous Streets, 18346 Moschato, Greece, or email at [email protected].

What personal data does Eurobank FPS collect and from which sources?

  1. Personal data that we collect directly from you during the filling and submission of the electronic forms available on the Website (indicatively forms for complaints or positive remarks, communication forms etc.). Said personal data may indicatively be: first and last name, father’s surname, fix or mobile phone number, e-mail address, debt information handled by Eurobank FPS, and in general data that you are filling in the forms’ free text fields. With regard to the free text fields we would like to urge you not to provide data that fall within the special data categories, such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, information on your physical or mental health, biometric data or genetic data, sexual orientation etc. Furthermore you should ensure that the personal data filled in the forms of the Website are correct and accurate and you shall notify Eurobank FPS in case of any amendment or modification of these data. You shall be held solely liable for any damage caused to Eurobank FPS or any third person because of the wrong, inaccurate or insufficient data/information in the Website forms.
  2. Personal data that we collect directly from you with the submission of CVs. These data contain any information you might include in the CV such as indicatively name, surname, educational status, professional experience, professional capacity etc.
  3. Personal data that are automatically collected through the Website. When you visit or interact with the Website some data such as the following may be automatically collected: the IP address of your computer, the browser and the software you are using, your connection speed and information regarding the software programs installed in your PC, basic connection information with the web server as well as information collected through cookie identifiers.
For more information regarding cookies, please read the Eurobank FPS Cookies Policy.
The personal data collection as described above also includes the data collection from third parties acting on your behalf. Moreover, in case you provide us with personal data of third parties you should have their consent, where necessary, and have referred them to this Notice.

Why does Eurobank FPS collect your data and which are their processing purposes?

Eurobank FPS collects and processes your personal data:

Α. Upon your consent

Said processing serves purposes such as:
  1. Communicating with you provided you have electronically filled in the forms available on the Website (communication forms for investors, communication forms for debt settlement etc.)
  2. Managing the staff recruitment and human resources of Eurobank FPS.

Β. Eurobank FPS compliance with its legal obligations

Said processing indicatively serves the following purposes:
  1. Eurobank FPS compliance with the obligations imposed by the relevant legal, regulatory and supervisory framework in force, as well as with the decisions of any competent authority (public, supervisory, prosecution etc.) or court.
  2. The protection and security of the information systems, the prevention, deterrence and repression of any illegal act against Eurobank FPS.
Said processing (B) also serves the purpose mentioned below (C).

C. Eurobank FPS legitimate interests

Said processing serves purposes such as the upgrading of the provided services, the protection of Eurobank legitimate rights and interests and of the respective receivables entities serviced by Eurobank FPS, the prevention and deterrence of criminal acts or fraud against Eurobank FPS, as well as the security of its information systems and assets. Prior to this processing Eurobank FPS ensures that your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms the protection of your data are not overridden by Eurobank FPS’ interests or the interests of the respective receivables entities.

Children’s personal data

Eurobank FPS fully understands the importance of the protection of children’s personal data. This Website is not addressing and is not intentionally designed to address children. Eurobank FPS has no intention of knowingly collecting and maintaining personal data of children who may have access to its Website.
If Eurobank FPS finds out that children’s data have been collected without the consent of the holders of their parental responsibility, where necessary, said data will be immediately erased.

For how long does Eurobank FPS store your personal data?

Your personal data shall be retained only for the time necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes of their collection and processing. The data are securely erased after their processing unless the legal framework in force foresees the continuance of their retention or in case there are ongoing legal actions with Eurobank FPS that directly or indirectly concern you, until the issuance of an irrevocable court decision.

Who are indicatively the recipients of your data?

  1. Eurobank FPS’ authorised employees and as long as the legal conditions are met, authorised employees of the Eurobank Group, where Eurobank FPS belongs, with registered offices in Greece or in other European Union countries within the context of their activities, companies that have assigned their claims servicing to Eurobank FPS (e.g. credit or financial institutions, claims acquiring companies pursuant to the provisions of Article 1(1[b]) of Law 4354/2015, as in force), and other non-supervised by the Bank of Greece entities.
  2. Entities to which Eurobank FPS entrusts the performance of certain activities on its behalf (acting under their capacity as processors, controllers or joint controllers) such as indicatively but not limited to information systems services or products providers and/or electronic systems and network support providers including online systems and platforms, companies responsible for the storage, retention, filing, management and destruction of files and data, consulting companies, call centres, lawyers, law firms, notaries, court bailiffs, experts, natural or legal persons that process personal data for the purposes of checking and updating thereof etc., provided that security conditions and confidentiality have been met.
  3. Supervisory, independent, judicial, prosecution, public and/or other authorities or bodies or parties that have been assigned with the control/audit of Eurobank FPS’ activities within the framework of their activities.

Is Eurobank FPS entitled to transfer your data to third countries (outside EEA)?

Eurobank FPS can transfer your personal data to third countries (outside the EEA zone) under the following circumstances:
a) Where the Commission has decided that the third country, a territory or one or more specified sectors within that third country ensure an adequate level of protection; or
b) If appropriate safeguards have been provided from the recipient, according to the law.
In the absence of the abovementioned circumstances a transfer may take place if:
a) You have explicitly consented to the transfer; or
b) The transfer is necessary for the execution of a contract between you and Eurobank FPS, such as for the execution of your orders; or
c) The transfer is necessary for the establishment, exercise or fense of Eurobank FPS’ legal claims and rights; or
d) Eurobank FPS is obliged by a legal provision or an international convention to provide the data.
In order to fulfil the objectives of point (d) Eurobank FPS may transfer your data to the competent national authorities so that the data are delivered to the respective authorities of third countries.


To ensure the proper operation of its Website, Eurobank FPS occasionally sends and stores Cookies, i.e. small data files, on your computer. Find out more about the Eurobank FPS Cookies Policy.

Link to third party websites

Any interconnection between this Website and any other third party website via special links (links, hyperlinks or banners) does not mean that Eurobank FPS accepts any responsibility for the policies applied by those websites regarding the handling and protection of personal data.
You must make sure you are informed about the protection and management of your data by those websites.

What are your rights regarding the protection of your personal data?

You have the following rights:
a) To know the categories of your personal data that Eurobank FPS stores and processes, where they come from, the purposes of their processing, the categories of their recipients, the period of storage as well as your relevant rights (right of access).
b) To request the rectification and/or to have your incomplete data completed so that they are accurate (right to rectification) and complete by providing supplementary statements that justify the need for rectification or completion.
c) To ask for a restriction of the processing of your personal data (right to restriction of processing).
d) To object to any further processing of your stored personal data (right to object).
e) To request the erasure of your personal data from Eurobank FPS’ records (right to erasure).
f) To request the transfer of your data stored by Eurobank FPS to another controller (right to data portability).
Please note the following as regards your rights:
i. Eurobank FPS reserves in any case the right to deny your request for restriction of processing or erasure of your data if their processing or storage is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of its rights or the fulfilment of its obligations.
ii. The right to data portability (point f) does not include the erasure of your data from Eurobank FPS’ records. The erasure is regulated under point e above.
iii. The exercise of these rights is valid for the future and does not affect previous data processing.
g) To lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority in case you consider that your rights are in any way violated. To find out about the jurisdiction of the Authority and how to file a complaint, you may visit the Data Protection Authority website.

How can you exercise your rights?

To exercise your rights you may address your relevant requests in writing, to the Eurobank FPS Customer Service & Complaint Management Unit at 27 Kyprou & Archimidous Streets, 18346 Moschato, Greece, or via email at [email protected].
Eurobank FPS shall use its best endeavours to address your request within thirty (30) days of its receipt. The abovementioned period may be prolonged for two (2) more months, if deemed necessary, according to Eurobank FPS’ reasonable discretion taking into account the complexity of the issue and the number of requests. Eurobank FPS shall inform you in any case of such extension within one month from the receipt of the request.
The abovementioned service is provided by Eurobank FPS free of charge. However, in case the requests are manifestly unfounded, and/or are repetitive or excessive, Eurobank FPS may, after informing you, either charge a reasonable fee or refuse to act on the request(s).

How does Eurobank FPS protect your personal data?

Eurobank FPS takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the lawful protection and processing, as well as the effective protection of your personal data from unauthorized access to, disclosure of, processing, loss, alteration, accidental of unlawful destruction or corruption, prohibited transmission by third parties as well as any other form of unlawful processing.
Even though Eurobank FPS shall use its best efforts to protect your personal data it cannot guarantee the safety of the data transmitted through its Website since data transmission through the Internet is not absolutely secure.